This is the Hangar. Here you can find examples of ships each pilot in the Einhänder program can fly. Also, secret ships will be covered here, but only they're characteristics when the play control them.

Astraea FGA Mk. IEdit

Astraea Mk. I

Astraea FGA Mk. I

The Astraea Mk. I is a lean, mean killing machine. Offering two gun slots, this fighter allows you to pack twice the gun pods and use them both at the same time. However, its drawback is that is only has one machine gun and that the machinegun can not be used when two weapon pods are in use.

FRS Endymion Mk. II Edit

The Endymion mk II is one of the most adaptable fighters at your disposal. It has the capability to carry 3 gunpods each with a different weapon but you can only use one of them at a time. This skill allows the player according to the weapons it has picked up the ability to counter any situation at all times, the deafault machine gun is not afected by the gunpod.The only drawback with this fighter is the ammo that it is given to the player with every weapon which is less than with the other ships which makes picking weapons of the same type to re-stock on ammo very neccesary, and also the need to constantly change weapons in the heat of the battle can be difficult. it also shares the same weapon handling characteristics of endymion mk III like holding the cannon in a 45 degree angle if it is on top, same goes for the riot etc.